vRanger 7.2 Upgrade Error

vRanger 7.2 was released back in June.  A couple weeks ago I decided to perform the upgrade in our production environment.  I was upgrading from vRanger 7.1 to 7.2.  I started the installer and this is the error I received.


It appeared as if the installer did not see there was an older version already installed.  I did a little research on Google and did not find anything related, so I opened a ticket with tech support.  Immediately the  technician new what the issue was.  He had me continue and finish the install.  After the install finished and the services started I opened vRanger and nothing was in there.  The tech had me open the SQL server vRanger was connect to and confirmed that the install had created a new database.

New Database

This was a known bug, but the kb for the fix was internal to Dell only.

The tech left the window open when fixing the issue, so I took a screen capture of what he did to fix this issue.

Tech Support Help

After running the commands above and restarting the services, I opened vRanger and everything appeared.

I then went back into the SQL server and deleted the new database the installer had created.

My VMworld 2015 Session Picks


Every year I post a list of sessions I scheduled to attend at VMworld.  I learned many years ago that when attending VMworld I need to *do* things at VMworld that I can’t *do* after the conference is over.  That is why I always try to attend as many group discussion sessions as I can.  I also try to attend as many expert led workshops as I can.  Breakout sessions are all recorded, so they can be watched after VMworld is over.  If there is a breakout session that you want ask questions to the presenter, then that is a good session to add to your schdule.  You can connect and complete Hands on labs after VMworld is over.

Here is a list of sessions I am scheduled to attend :

Chris Whal & Duncan Epping both have great list of session picks.

Please vote for my VMworld 2015 session

CALL FOR PAPERS PUBLIC SESSION VOTING IS NOW OPEN!  Login with your VMworld account and search for session 4548.


Please consider voting for my session if you like the topic and outline.  This is my first year submitting a session for VMworld.  A small percentage of sessions are selected based on community voting.  It would be awesome to have my session selected.

Hard Work Pays Off

Back in November CloudCred Community Manger Noell Grier reached out on Twitter and asked for help to write VCP Prep tasks for CloudCred.

cc-noelI responded and told Noell that I would like to volunteer to write some VCP Prep tasks. I had no idea how much or how little was going to be involved.  She responded and let me know that she was happy to have a team mate to help write the tasks.  At this point I was worried that I might have bitten off more than I could chew. Noell then sent me an email with details on what on section of the VCP5 blueprint I should write tasks for. Luckily, she also sent me a template that helped writing the tasks a little easier.

After a couple months of writing tasks and inputting them on the CloudCred website, the VCP Prep tasks were ready to be launched.  So the VCP Tasks were launched and the CloudCred website had a record numbers of users visit the site and complete tasks.  It felt awesome to be part of something that was taking off really well. cc-statIt was then announced that tasks that were submitted by users would be entered to win a Dell laptop.  This really encouraged my to write more tasks and help finish writing tasks for the whole VCP 5 blueprint.cc-dell-04

Three other users joined the team and helped complete the VCP Prep tasks –  Nigel Hickey (@vCenterNerd), Andrea Mauro (@Andrea_Mauro), and Mike Medrano (@GeekieMike).  I really appreciate them volunteering and helping.  It would have taking me way too long to finish it myself.

After months of waiting, it was finally announced that one of the tasks that I had written was completed the most number of times and I had won the Dell laptop. cc-dell-02 cc-dell-01It was a pleasure working with Noell on this project.  She was patient with me while I finished each blueprint section.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to help CloudCred publish the VCP Prep tasks.

Attend 2015 St Louis VMUG User Conference


The 3rd annual St Louis VMUG User Conference is a week away.  There are many changes this year and new things added to entice you to attend this year.

The big change this year is that the conference will be in downtown St Louis at the Hyatt Regency St. Louis at The Arch.

If you have not attended before or are looking for reasons to attend this year, hear are some reasons to attend this year :

  • The conference is FREE and all day
  • Keynotes presented by Kendrick Coleman and Chris Wahl
  • Attend educational sessions from VMware and partners
  • 40 sponsors
  • Free breakfast and lunch
  • All attendees will receive a gift


Attend educational sessions from VMware and partners on topics including:

  • Data Center Management
  • EUC – Desktop Virtualization
  • Hybrid Cloud & Emerging Technologies
  • vSphere & Virtualization
  • Storage & Availability

There will be 3 sessions on the recently announced vSphere 6.  Check out the agenda to see a list of all the sessions.

Home Lab Giveaway

This year we are trying to set the bar high and do something really awesome for our members to help develop their skill set and advance their career goals.

As such, we’re ponying up the cash for the ultimate grand prize: an entire home lab kit comprising of :

  • ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 Ultra Micro Tower Server
  • 16 GB DDR3 Memory Upgrades
  • 2 SSDs: Samsung Electronics 840 EVO-Series 250GB 2.5-Inch SATA III S
  • 1 4 Port Ethernet adapter
  • VMUG Advantage subscription that includes the new EvalExperiance


Reception Party


After the conference the reception party is going to be at the Hyatt Regency Gateway Terrace.  It is on the roof top of the same building that the conference is in.  Free food and drinks will be provided.  This will be the perfect  place to network with fellow VMware administrators, users, employees, and partners

Even if you can’t stay all day, there are many reasons to register and stop by.  So don’t forget to register.


Voting Open for 2015 Top Virtualization Blogs


Yes, it’s that time of year again!  it’s time for Eric Siebert’s annual Top vBlog voting contest presented by vSphere-land.com.  Thanks a lot to Eric who puts in a lot of work making sure all the blogs are listed and in the correct categories.  Then he has to collect all the votes, calculate and publish the results.

Infinio is the proud sponsor this year and with over 300 blogs devoted to virtualization it can be a real challenge trying to figure out who to vote for.   Just like last year blogs are put into categories and you can vote for the top blogs in each category.  Here are the categories for this year :

  • Best New Blog (Blog started in 2014)
  • Best Storage Blog (Majority of posts storage related)
  • Best VDI/End-User Computing Blog (Majority of posts VDI/EUC related)
  • Best Scripting Blogger (Majority of posts Scripting related)
  • Best Independent Blogger (Can’t work for VMware or a hardware/software vendor)
  • Best News & Information Website (No blogs)
  • Best Podcast

Put some thought into what blog your are going to vote for.  It is not a popularity contest.  Voting should be based on several factors including # of posts in 2014, length,  and quality.  If you feel my site meets these criteria, please vote for my site.
vote-button1-300x298Go ahead and cast your vote before the cut-off date of early March.



2015 vExpert Announcement


Today the vExpert 2015 list was released. Congratulations to all those that made it!!!

A vExpert is an active member of the VMware community who imparts his/her advanced knowledge on others.  The vExpert program is a way of recognizing people who participate in the community and increase awareness of VMware products and uses. To  learn more about the VMware vExpert program go to VMware Community website.

I am happy and honored to be named a 2015 VMware vExpert.  I submitted my application back in Dec of 2014 and had to wait until Feb 5th to find out that I was accepted.  I submitted my aplication under the evangelist path.