Voting Open for 2015 Top Virtualization Blogs


Yes, it’s that time of year again!  it’s time for Eric Siebert’s annual Top vBlog voting contest presented by  Thanks a lot to Eric who puts in a lot of work making sure all the blogs are listed and in the correct categories.  Then he has to collect all the votes, calculate and publish the results.

Infinio is the proud sponsor this year and with over 300 blogs devoted to virtualization it can be a real challenge trying to figure out who to vote for.   Just like last year blogs are put into categories and you can vote for the top blogs in each category.  Here are the categories for this year :

  • Best New Blog (Blog started in 2014)
  • Best Storage Blog (Majority of posts storage related)
  • Best VDI/End-User Computing Blog (Majority of posts VDI/EUC related)
  • Best Scripting Blogger (Majority of posts Scripting related)
  • Best Independent Blogger (Can’t work for VMware or a hardware/software vendor)
  • Best News & Information Website (No blogs)
  • Best Podcast

Put some thought into what blog your are going to vote for.  It is not a popularity contest.  Voting should be based on several factors including # of posts in 2014, length,  and quality.  If you feel my site meets these criteria, please vote for my site.
vote-button1-300x298Go ahead and cast your vote before the cut-off date of early March.




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