CloudCred VCP5-DCV Exam Prep Tasks Released

Today Cloudcred release the VCP5-DCV tasks.  If you are practicing to take your VCP5-DCV, then these tasks are created just for you.  The tasks will help you validate that you remember what you have been studying.  There are 80+ tasks.  Each tasks was based on the VCP550 Exam Blueprint.  As we all know, certification & re certification are necessities when using and managing VMware products. CloudCred is poised to offer a comprehensive task series that helps professionals get ready for these challenging tests.



I have been working with Noell L. Grier at VMware to create tasks for the VCP5-DCV Exam .  Part of the motivation to create the tasks for Cloudcred  is that if you are the creator of the task that is most played between now and April 15th, 2014, you’ll take home the Dell laptop!  So please complete the VCP5-DCV tasks with my name so I can win the Dell laptop!!!

If you are not familiar with CloudCred, it is a new cloud computing training and recognition platform where IT pros can show off their cloud computing knowledge and skills and win prizes.  Browse over to to sign up and learn more about it.  It is 100% free to sign up and use.


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