VCA-NV Exam Experience

On 22 December VMware released the 4th VCA exam – VCA-NV .  Since I already took and passed the other 3 VCA exams (VCA-Datacenter Virtualization, VCA-Workforce Mobility, VCA-Cloud), I decided to give this one a try.  Back when the first 3 were released, there was a promotion that you could take them for free.  That promotion has expired, so I had to use a voucher to pay for the exam.

Study Resources

The first resource I used to study for the exam was the free elearning VMware Network Virtualization Fundamentals course.  It is a FREE 3-hour self-paced course providing a fundamental overview of VMware’s network virtualization products.

Module 1 establishes the requirements for network virtualization
Module 2 compares and contrasts virtual and physical networking solutions
Module 3 describes advanced VMware networking virtualization solutions


The second resource that I used to study for the exam was the exam blue print.  This is always the best resource when studying for a VMware exam.  Within the blueprint it references other documentation such as the NSX Admin guide.  I downloaded all the documentation that was referenced in the exam blue print.

I read the exam blue print word for word, but I did not read all the associated documentation word for word.  I browsed through most of it and stopped at parts I did not understand.

I already have my VCP5-DV, so I did not need to study the vSphere documentation that much.

I spent a couple days watching the fundamentals course and looking through the blue print and associated documentation.  Based on how I had studied for the previous 3 exams I thought a couple days was enough.


Luckily the VCA (VMware Certified Associate) exams can be taken online.  You can take them anytime you want.  There is no need to find a test center and then find a time that is open.  Just go to the Pearson Vue website to sign up for the exam.  After you have signed up for the exam you can immediately take the exam.

The VCA-NV exam consists of 50 questions and a short pre-exam survey consisting of 5 questions.  The passing score for this exam is 300, using a scaled scoring method.  The time limit for the exam is 75 minutes, with an additional 15 minutes to complete the survey questions and agreements.

After completing the survey, I started the exam.  The first couple questions were harder than I thought, but after I clicked end, I achieved the results I had hoped.


Final Thoughts

I thought this exam was the toughest of the 4 VCA exams.  That me be because I have very little experience and exposure to VMware NSX.  I have CCNA Datacenter so I understand networking concepts very well.  I have my VCP-DV so I understand vSphere  concepts very well.  You really need to have a good understanding of the NSX  components and what there roles are, but you don’t need to know and understand every detail.


4 thoughts on “VCA-NV Exam Experience

  1. Hey Marc,
    Thanks for your overview of the exam. I’m planning to take mine this month. And it is going to be my first VMware certification. I know there non-disclosure policy for the exam questions. But could you just give an overview of what types of questions are on the exam and related to it? Thanks in advance.

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