VMworld 2015 App Ready



VMware has posted the VMworld 2015 Apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.  Go download them now.  One of the cool features of the app is that when you look at your schedule, it will tell you what building and room a session is in.

Android – Google Play Store – Click Here

Apple – App Store – Click Here



Collection of VMworld Conference Tips

vmworld 2015

VMworld 2015 is just around the corner.  This will be my 4th year attending.  It is not too late to sign up. Click here to sign up.

There are a lot of posts out there with lots of tips, so I am going to list a few that I have not seen list.

  1. Do not use your work email address to sign up for VMworld.  Very difficult to get the email address associated with your account changed.
  2. Do things at VMworld that you can not do after VMworld is over
  3. Have Fun.  Don’t fill your day with attending sessions.
  4. Create a separate calendar just for VMworld schedule.  I used gmail and it is very easy to create a separate calendar that overlays on top of your regular calendar.

Below is a collection of VMworld Conference Tips posts by some great bloggers.  Check them out.

VMworld Tips for 2015 By Joseph Griffiths


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Do’s and Don’ts at VMworld by Alex Muetstege


Top VMworld tips for vNewbies By David Davis


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My VMworld 2015 Session Picks


Every year I post a list of sessions I scheduled to attend at VMworld.  I learned many years ago that when attending VMworld I need to *do* things at VMworld that I can’t *do* after the conference is over.  That is why I always try to attend as many group discussion sessions as I can.  I also try to attend as many expert led workshops as I can.  Breakout sessions are all recorded, so they can be watched after VMworld is over.  If there is a breakout session that you want ask questions to the presenter, then that is a good session to add to your schdule.  You can connect and complete Hands on labs after VMworld is over.

Here is a list of sessions I am scheduled to attend :

Chris Whal & Duncan Epping both have great list of session picks.

Please vote for my VMworld 2015 session

CALL FOR PAPERS PUBLIC SESSION VOTING IS NOW OPEN!  Login with your VMworld account and search for session 4548.


Please consider voting for my session if you like the topic and outline.  This is my first year submitting a session for VMworld.  A small percentage of sessions are selected based on community voting.  It would be awesome to have my session selected.

VMworld 2014 Wrap Up

VMworld 2014

This was my 3rd VMworld.  I had a great time this year.  The Opening Act, vBrownags and regular sessions were great this year.  I went to a lot of vendor parties and had lots of fun.  I stepped out of my comfort zone and talked to people I didn’t know.  It is always a great opportunity to attend VMworld and I am grateful that the company I work for sent me this year.

Here are some notes I took from the conference and links associated with the topic –

  • vSphere 6 beta – Publicly announced features
    • Fault Tolerance in vSphere 6 will support 4 CPUs
    • vSphere 6 will support cross vCenter vMotion
    • Content Library – Centralized repository for VM templates, scripts, and ISOs
    • vSphere 6 long distance vMotion is enhanced
    • Using VMware NSX, network properties will now be vMotioned as well when using long distance vMotion.
    • Virtual Datacenter – A new abstraction layer that lets you join multiple vSphere clusters together so you can use the same policies across clusters
    • Won’t be released until sometime in 2015.  Vmware has changed there release cycle

VMworld 2015Lastly, VMware already announced that VMworld 2015 will be Aug 30 -Sept 3 in San Francisco.  After 3 years in a row, I really wish VMworld was going to be at a different location.  No matter where it is, I am always excited to go and can’t wait till next year.

VMworld 2014 Wednesday Recap

After all the partying that I did Tuesday evening, it was hard for me to getup and get going.

I attended STO2480 – Software Defined Storage – The VCDX Way Part II : The Empire Strikes Back

Then I hung out in the Hang Space a little while before the VMUG Leader Lunch.

A couple months ago I became one of the leaders of the St Louis VMUG, so I had the opportunity to attend the VMUG Leader Luncheon.

  • They provided us with a great lunch and a small gift bag.
  • An updated was provided on the status of VMUG
  • Awards were passed out to various leaders.
  • VMware’s top brass was in attendance for Q&A.  Pat Gelsinger CEO, Ben Faithi CTO, and Raghu Raghuram EVP SDDC sat on stage to answer questions.

VMUG Lunch Q&A

After the Q&A was over I was able to get a picture with Pat Gelsinger.  This was the highlight of my day.

Pat & I

After the VMUG Leader Lunch I attended EUC1744 – What’s New in VMware Workstation.  I always attend this session.  I use VMware Workstation a lot of love to hear what new features are being added.  The other reason I love to attend this session is because you receive a key for the next release of VMware Workstation.

There was another session I was scheduled to go to today, but I went back to my room and took a nap.  There was no way I was going to be able to go to the VMworld Party if I did not get some rest.

After a good nap I made my way down to Yerba Buena Gardens for the start of the VMworld Party.  After seeing a few thousand people waiting in line at the Moscone North entrance, I decided to see if there was another entrance with a few less people.  I am glad I did, because there was an entrance on Mission street that only have about 30 people waiting.

Yerba Buena Gardens

After getting in I had some food and drinks and watch the entertainment.  I did not stay too long because there was nothing really to hand out that long for.  The food was not that great.  Plus I wanted to be in front of the line when the doors opened for The Back Keys.


I was so glad I left Yerba Buena Gardens early because the line to get into see The Back Keys filled up fast.

The Back Keys

Doors finally opened and everyone rushed to the front of the stage.  I am not a huge Black Keys fan, but I like going to concerts.  I thought they put on a good show.  I thought many of there songs sounded a like, but over all it was a good show.

After the show I was invited to go out for drinks, but I had to get up early to fly home the next day, so I went back to the hotel room and instantly fell asleep.

VMworld 2014 To Do List

This will be my 3rd year attending VMworld.  I have had a great time the last 2 years and I have learned a lot.

The first year I went I tried to attend as many sessions as I could.  I packed my whole day with going to sessions.  The following year I learned that I really only need to attend sessions that I am going to ask questions at.  All the sessions are recorded, so I can watch them later.  So this is why I mostly only attend the group discussion sessions.

Within the last week the company I work for purchased the vCloud Suite, Log Insight and vSan.   

So my main goals for the week are :

  1. Learn more about designing and installing all 3 of these products in a production environment.   I have already done a lot of research on all 3 of the products, but it will be nice to be able to talk to people who have implemented them and are using them in a production environment.
  2. Learn more about the Automation part of vCAC.  I need to be able to automate as much I can within in the vCloud Suite, so I need to learn everything I can about how to automate.
  3. Learn more about NSX in a real world environment.  The production environment that I work on sounds like it could greatly benefit from NSX and it will be great to talk with experts about it.

Hopefully I can stick to this goals and not get distracted from partying too much.

See everyone at VMworld 2014!

VMworld Schedule Builder Tips

This is the default view that everyone sees when they log into schedule builder.  It is very difficult to build your schedule in this view


A much easier way to build your schedule is to click the little drop down arrow on the site menu on the bar on the left.  After clicking on the arrow and window will drop down.  Then select schedule.


This will bring up your schedule in a calendar format view.  From here you can export, print, add personal time and edit your schedule.  To edit your schedule, just click on the edit button.


In this view it is much easier to see and edit your schedule by day.


If you highlight a session on the left it will show you how it fits into your schedule and if it conflicts with any other sessions you have scheduled.


Have fun building your VMworld Schedule!