Week 2 VMUG Challange

I am participating in the VMUG 5 week challange – http://www.vmug.com/sharevmug

Week 2 VMUG Challange is to explain how VMware Education/Certifications have helped you advance your career.

A few years ago I had to opportunity to take the VMware vSphere 4.1 Install, Configure and Manage Class.  After taking the class I passed the VCP for exam.  Passing the exam gave me the confidence to apply for a Systems Engineer position that was focused on virtualization.

After being in that position a few months I was able to take the vSphere 4 Advanced Fast track.  This gave me the knowledge and confidence to pass the VCAP5-DCA exam.

Every time I take a class and pass and exam I feel more comfortable and confident in the work that I perform.  I am constantly striving to learn more and studying for VCAP5-DCD.



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