VSAN GA Announcement


On March 6th  VMware annouce the the  general availability of Virtual SAN 1.0 through a webinar. In case your missed the webinar, you can go to www.vmware.com/now and watch it.

The VSAN Beta was running for 6 months and had 10,000 people sign up.  VMware is offering customers using the beta an exclusive 20% discount

At VMworld 2013 VMware announced that VSAN would support an 8 node cluster.  At PEX 2014 VMware announce that VSAN would support a 16 Node cluster.

The big announcement about VSAN 1.0 is that it will support a 32 node cluster.


Some more technical specs about VSAN 1.0

  • Benchmarks have reached 2 Million IOPS (32 node Cluster)
  • VSAN can scale up to 4.4 PB (35 disks x 32 hosts)

One of the things that I love about VSAN is how easy it is to setup.  One click and it is installed.


VMware will announce pricing of VSAN 1.0 the week of March 10th.

VMware released a new VSAN Design and Sizing Guide which can be downloaded here.

There is a  free VSAN Hands-on Lab (HOL) available for you to run through setting it up and getting familiar with the interface.  This is great if you don’t have the physical hardware to setup VSAN in your lab.

Duncan Epping has written a lot of great articles on VSAN

He is writting a book with Cormac Hogan – VMware Virtual SAN launch and book pre-announcement!


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